Monday, March 2, 2009

It's March already?!?!

So I know, I know, I'm lagging in posting on my bloggy-blog. I've missed it. I've also been completely busy and really just... stressed. Oy.

I can't believe it's already March! I have so much to do in regards to the wedding. We've made some progress, but that doesn't mean I've stopped worrying about every little detail. Gah!

Chris is here this Thursday! I've missed him so much and this wedding planning via long distance is taking it's toll on me. I'm uber sensitive to how he's saying things or whether or not we're doing this or that the right way. Blah. It's been a tough month. What do I do?!?! Give me some advice, girls!

I had my first fitting this past weekend. I know, super early, but the seamstress wanted to have an idea of what she's working with. She actually altered my bridesmaid dress for Pang's wedding and was fabulous! So I'm sure she'll be taking good care of me. Good news-- I actually lost 3 inches around my waist since I bought my dress!! Yay me! Now it's just a matter of maintaining my weight. I looked AMAZING in my wedding dress and cannot wait to wear it! Heehee.

Anyway. There's so much to do, I hardly know where to start.

We did figure out what we're doing for the rehearsal lunch or dinner. We're actually doing a rehearsal BBQ lunch right before rehearsal since Pastor Sid will have to leave by 5 for a Friday night wedding he's officiating. It works out well since we weren't sure how much we'd be able to dish out for the rehearsal dinner. Chris really wants to BBQ so I'm leaving that up to him. My responsibility? Finding a dress for that afternoon. haha.

I really want to show you guys my Save the Date cards. I'll have to do that. *note to self* And the invites need to be made soon here too. Chris and I are getting our engagement pictures done this weekend as well. My sister just bought new gear and does a fantastic job at photography so she'll be helping us out with that :) Chris is also bringing the studio's camera just in case Hli wants to try using it too. Yay! And yes, I've already shopped for the outfit(s). haha.

Anyway, I'll be around more often. Promise. I apologize for the MIA-ness.

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  1. Welcome back chicky...I was about to think Chris kidnapped you...don't stress yourself out, I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful no matter what! :)