Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ode to the Love of My Life

As 2008 draws to a close, I just have to brag about my amazing fiance-- still so weird to call him that-- because starting out 2009 just makes our up-coming wedding and more importantly, marriage feel so... real. Chris and I have a long history and we were off and on for about 2 1/2 years before we even agreed to "be together."

I met him while I was at CCU and we hit it off right away. We talked non-stop, but he was dealing with recent baggage as was I in the relationship department. But we both knew how awesome it was everytime we were together. I was actually "the other woman" at the very beginning-- he was kind of "seeing" someone-- his then-best friend KC. Though they weren't exclusive and he talked to other girls here and there, I was the only one KC was ever jealous of. Hah. Chris blames that on the fact that I was Asian... he has a thing for Asian chicks. hah. But also that we talked theology and clicked right off the bat so I suppose that was it too :P

This past fall marked 5 years of knowing each other. I love waking up every morning knowing that he loves me no matter what. And I love being able to pray with him and being reassured of knowing that I'm marrying the right man. We went through a lot and yet I know that those things that we went through together or even apart, are what makes us so unique and completely made for each other. Never did I ever think that I'd end up with someone who is so completely perfect for me in all the changes that I face and manage to adapt to.

We still joke about when we had "The Talk" with my parents-- he started out the conversation with "I love your daughter... I love her a lot." and it just warms my heart to remember that. When my dad asked how I felt about him *in front of him* and if I was ready for such a relationship, I got SO nervous-- as I've never had the talk with my parents with my guy present even though I was previously in a 4 year relationship before Chris-- granted, my dad never liked any guy anyway and it was surprising that he liked Chris enough to even sit down with the both of us to have THE TALK, so this was huge-- I mumbled something incredibly incoherent and totally didn't make sense to anyone including Chris, but what I meant was "Neither one of us did anything to 'try to make this work'-- it just did. We even tried to fight this relationship because we knew everything that was going to go into it and all the risks that we would be approving of like the distance, the cultural differences (they make a HUGE difference), etc., but at the end of the day, neither one of us compromised anything that we felt God had put into place for us as individuals just so we could be together as a couple." Does that make sense?

During our off-timing, he'd disappear and just do his own thing-- not so much to date anyone or go out with his buddies, but he'd bury himself in his work at the studio and stress out by himself. I'd know every time he'd call out of the blue that he'd disappear again in a few days. Now when we talk about it, he admits that he knew what he was doing and he just couldn't bear to feel that close to me after a couple days or weeks of talking to me. His baggage lead him to believe that I deserved so much better. My heart couldn't take it sometimes. I'd go out with other guys some nights to see if it would make a difference, come back home and wish that Chris would just call and hope that he wasn't out with other girls. The night I would remember to, I'd shut off my phone just in case he *would* call... he didn't call those nights. Now on the nights that I would forget to shut off my phone, it was like I was the butt of some horrible joke because he'd call every one of those nights and I, being pretty bad about actually answering late night calls out of habit, would pick up... and how glorious those nights would be-- we'd talk until the early morning and even though I'd be dead tired at work, I'd smile all day because I got to hear his voice. And then he'd disappear again at the end of the week with a "So I'll talk to you soon." I cried so much those 2 years. I never asked for closure with him because I was afraid I'd get it. He said he wouldn't have given it to me because it would have meant that we were over. I didn't know there was a "we" back then.

It's funny cause in the midst of all that, I fell in love with him. Real love, the kind of love that makes the sky turn colors, my heart scream like the wind on a autumn night, my face beam with complete giddy-ness just because I could remember what it sounded like when he says my name, the kind of love that made me long to have a family with him and blend our souls together to see what our babies would look like, the kind of love that made my body burn with complete self-less love for someone that I would allow him to be happy even if it was without me. More over, it was the kind of love that made me pray for him every night that somehow, he was okay and if it was ever in His will, that I would someday vow my very heart and soul to serving him as his wife and lifelong companion. I now realize that those prayers were not in vain as God was preparing the man of my dreams just for me.

It doesn't sound depressing, does it? I assure you it's not. Because in the midst of finding who I could love this much, I found that I was capable of completely and self-lessly loving someone. Not only was I capable of it, I was willing. Some nights when we would talk, I would almost have to catch myself before I blurted "I love you" out instead of saying "good night." I had to make a concious effort. He tells me that he was the same way many nights.

During those times, I wrote him so many letters just pouring my heart out to him. He's only gotten 2. I remember finally reading him the letter that I wrote during our biggest haitus of not talking at which point, it just crushed him and tore at his heart. I cried as I read it to him... and I'll never forget his genuine apology afterwards. I addressed the things that my heart longed for with him. And I told him how much I wanted to just "hate" him so letting him go would be so much easier. And that maybe if we were on bad terms at least then I was "better off without him." I told him that I stood by him through everything... even through all the things that he thought he was facing alone. What more did he want? Didn't those things matter to him? And yet, I knew... I knew that they did matter. More than I'd ever be able to know, but this... this was not the time for "us." We struggled through those off-times with personal journeys and hard lessons that would not have been possible had we been consumed with a complete relationship with each other. And we did what we had to.

Finally, May of 2006, we started talking again. On a regular basis. He wanted to see me again so bad (Mind you, these off times happened over a span of 2 1/2 years and 1 1/2 years of not seeing each other). Okay, so I wanted to see him just as bad if not more. And we made arrangements. And when I jokingly asked what this makes "us," he said "I have no doubt that we will be a big topic of discussion this time." We always joked that we were only as single as the other person let us be... and when he asked me if he was my "boyfriend"-- the answer? He's actually the corners of my smile. When I got to LAX, it was like no time had passed in between the last time we were physically together. His kiss was everything I remembered it to be. My face burned from the excitement that was bursting from my heart. And my cheeks hurt from holding my uncontrollable smile. It felt so good to feel him hug me and read in his eyes that he loved me. We didn't dare say those things yet though just in case we jinxed ourselves. Oh we couldn't keep our hands off each other and I just wanted to constantly be holding his hand and kissing him. I'll never forget... that night before we headed to bed, he held me in the dark and said "Baby....?" "Yes?" I answered after his long pause... my heart was racing because I knew he did! He was going to say it! He didn't answer, just kissed the side of my neck and held me while we fell asleep. I knew he did.

The next night, he wanted to show me their new equipment at the studio so we ventured off after a day of shopping and lounging. I loved it. I loved being able to hold his hand everywhere, getting to sit next to him at lunch, making faces at him when I caught him looking at me, and making him wait in the dressing room while I tried on anything I thought was cute or classy. Gosh I loved this man.

Anyway, getting to the studio, he turned on 50 First Dates and used the photo-shoot white background wall/area for our very own drive-in theater. Wow, it was perfect. He even pulled the truck in so we could lay in the bed of the truck to watch the movie. The projector started acting up about half way through the movie-- apparently (me thinks that Chris actually planned it)-- and during the scene where Drew Barrymore's character Lucy is video-taping Adam Sandler's Henry on the beach at night so she would remember everything in the morning and asked him "Do you love me?" the projector shut off. We lay in the dark like that and I think I nervously laughed a little since he wasn't getting up to fix the projector. There in the dark, I felt him turn towards me and he whispered "Baby, do you love me?" Oh no he didn't! He's making me say it first! Being me, my initial thought was dishing out something witty and funny or asking him the question back, but deep inside me, I wanted him to know. "Yes. I love you. ....Do you love me?" He held me and without a hesitation "Yes. I love you. So much." My heart burst. 2 1/2 years. I tried not to cry and yet it happened. Tears streamed down my face because I knew that this was it. And it had always been him. No one else. Oh it was glorious.

The next morning as we sat on his bed, we talked some about what our "love lives" looked like in between the times that we actually talked. It was hard to hear some of it as I knew that he at least went out on a couple dates, but in the end, I asked him if he meant what he said last night. He gazed into my eyes and said that he meant every word... "I love you." I asked "... so no more disappearing?" "No more disappearing."

I actually met his parents that weekend as well-- we went to the Angels' game with them and his parents fell in love with me-- can't blame them. I'm so charming :P We went to dinner with them before they headed back home and I knew that this really was it.

We still tried to act casual about it. Chris even sat there holding my hand and said "You know, it would be so cool, rhetorically speaking, if we got married cause we could have 2 weddings! A big one in MN and then one here in CA. Rhetorically speaking though." I laughed.

Now here we are planning our wedding for September 19th 2009 and I couldn't be more overwhelmed with love for someone than him-- well, my nieces and nephew and my family can't count. He encompasses everything good in me and aspires me to be better than I ever thought I could be. On days that we don't click, he still gets me and lets me "brat" it out. Sure I tick him off sometimes, but he never thinks or wishes that he's better off without me or wasn't with me. As one of life's biggest contradictions, it's so freeing to be captured by him and his love for me. And I realize how good God is even when I'm not because of Chris. For being an impatient person, I put him to shame in that patience department. I'm stubborn and many times, a button-pusher, especially when I come to know those buttons. Chris loves me regardless and is always the first to apologize. I love him with everything I am and am working at trying to perfect that love in action-- good thing we have until forever and beyond.

I love you, Baby, and I am so excited as we venture off into 2009 and everything it has to offer us as individuals and as "meandyou"-- no spaces in between.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ohh the end is near!

Yes, the end of 2008 is very near! EEEEP!

I have to work a full day tomorrow *&* Friday! UGH. Oh cruel, cruel world of adulthood in the working world. Blah.

No huge New Year's plans this year. It's been uneventful for the last 2 years actually for NYE. I think it'll just be my sisters and I, lots of sushi (shrimp & crab), jalepeno cheddar chips, and a Friends marathon! hah. Lame? Maybe, but awesome? Totally! Was that totally contradicting or what?? It's my last "gauranteed" NYE in MN with my family so I'm gonna try not to cry getting all sentimental and stuff. I'm such a baby.

Working out tonight was great, by the way! I went a full mile without stopping and made a time of 7 minutes & 30 seconds! This is HUGE! I've never done that! Lame huh? But I love it!! Hah. I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow as my legs and my back already feels pretty tight. It's the good pain though, yes?

Random fact: I found that the new flavor of light yoplait yogurt of blackberry & pomagranite is AMAZINGGGGGGG!


I'm so excited! I've only been part of the blogger community for a week or so and I got an award!! Thanks Kirby!


I'm so flattered & really touched that she even thought of me!

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2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE!

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5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I pick:

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Monday, December 29, 2008

*sigh* The corners of my smile.

I just had to.

Gosh I miss him.


Remember when Garfield wished Mondays away?

Does anyone remember that episode? Heh. I hate Mondays. But if the 1st or the 15th falls on a Monday, I don't get paid. Bleh.

Anyways, I'm so glad that Good Gals Inc. posted about this . I'm actually on a mission to lose at least 5 lbs. and maintain that until the the wedding-- and then after as well. I've kinda plateau'd and need a little oomf in the working out department. Chris and I have agreed on being "rewarded" if we hit our goals by the time our wedding rolls around. Chris wants to get down 20lbs. before the wedding, but how unfair is it that guys burn fat so much faster?? Ugh. He's also a former soccer player so he's used to doing lots of cardio. We've yet to finalize his prize, but mine is a brand-new wardrobe! I'm all for it! haha. Oh & we're trying to figure this out-- how do we figure out who wins? Do both of us win if we both hit our goals by September? How would you do it?

I've been doing pretty well so far-- I used to do 3 miles of stairs 4-5 times a week, but have gotten so bored with that so I've taken up running 3 miles 4-5 times a week. Let me tell you, a little embarassing to admit, but I haven't run in probably 6 or 7 years. hah. I've always been so concious of what I look like when I run-- probably due to my sister's comments of "You run like a girl!" heehee. I probably do... and also, I'm pretty much boobs and butt and developed earlier than my grade school friends so gym class was always a little awkward for me too in that department if ya catch my drift-- scarred and traumatized, seriously. I'm getting over that for the sake of my wedding dress. hah. Plus, after almost 3 months, I'm seeing my Baby in 11 days! Chris and I are starting pre-marital couseling on January 9th so he'll be in town for the weekend hence me trying to lose whatever weight I've gained since I've last seen him. Tonight was a pretty good workout, but I was huffin and puffin about 7 laps into it. Hah. I tend to have imaginary competitions with people on the track with me. If someone's speed walking next to me when I'm walking, I try to out walk them and secretly cheer myself on. Is that weird? haha.

Good news-- I didn't mention this before (didn't want to damper the Holiday spirit), but about 2 weeks ago, I got into a car wreck-- long story short, the car was in pretty bad shape (I walked away with a minor bite to the side of my tongue, but no other damages-- not even soreness or whiplash!), it's currently in the shop, insurance company took forever to get back to me, I'm about 1 month away from paying it off so I'm stressing since we're trying to save for the wedding, and I miss my little girl car, but they FINALLY called back today and will be fixing my car completely! God has been good even though I haven't & have doubted how this would work out.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


How was your Christmas? Can you believe we're on the LAST week of 2008?? Geez, where did 2008 go?!

Christmas was pretty low-key, but good. My brother was in MI with his fiance this year which is a little sad (me being selfish, sorry) being that this is my last Christmas with my family as a single woman, but he'll be home tomorrow and we'll have New Year's together. He missed out on the waterpark hotel though. We booked a night there for our family with the nieces and nephew. It was fun! I didn't get a whole lot of pictures since we were busy hot-tubbin it up and water-slidin' galor-ious, but good times, good times. My nieces received a chest full of dress up clothes and squealed with glee, it was so cute! I love these little girls and they're growing up way too fast for my liking.

Here's Anela and I before heading downstairs-- it was 8 am! They were excited and woke EVERYONE up to go down to breakfast and then swimming. She's hilarious cause she talks SOOO much-- AND is way smart. Funny story about Anela-- The girls aren't supposed to say words like "crap" "stupid" "dumb" etc, and they're really good about catching anyone who does. She was sleeping in my bed last night because her parents dropped them off for the night and it was about 2 am and she had been sleeping for a good 4 or 5 hours so she's pretty dead asleep. Well, Chris called and we were talking and I said something was stupid and Anela mumbled something so I leaned over her and was like "Anela? Wha?" and she's still asleep, but goes "Don't say that bad word, Auntie..." *snoooore* Awesome-- she's even correcting me in her sleep.

Here's Meya. She's so freakin cute. & talks in 3rd person. Me: "who's going swimming?" Meya: "Meya!"

This is her stink face. And me trying to copy her. Hilarious because she's totally serious about stink face!

freakin cute.

Kayla is getting so big and spells EVERYTHING she sees-- she just started kindergarten this fall, but has learned SO much. There was a poster of a gorilla smiling and there in big letters above it reads SMILE. Kayla sat there and spelled it out going "S-M-I-L-E." We asked her what it spelled and she shouts ever so confidently-- "MONKEY!" hahahaha!


Oh life goes by so quickly and sometimes I wish it would just stop long enough for me to be able to catch up and then decide when and how it can/should proceed. I suppose that's the beauty of trust though... that I don't have to be the one who worries about those aspects of my life.

*P.S. My dress came in and I picked it up yesterday! I am SOOO in love!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Do you hear what I hear?

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Yummy Christmas cookies are some of the best things in the world-- teehee. Not so good for my wedding diet, but YUMMM. Our sweet neighbors brought over some cookies-- peanut butter cookies with hershey kisses and sprinkles.


Josh had a couple and then I had 3! haha. Sooo good.
(I need to make some!!)

We got a light dusting of snow this morning and it was just gorgeous! The snow actually glitters! It's the Christmas glow :)

Christmas came quick this year... perhaps it's just a sign of getting old(er) or maybe I just need to slow down some. I know sometimes I get so caught up with all the responsibilities of being an adult... or at least playing the role. As a little kid, I looked forward to Christmas every year whether we had presents under the tree or not, but as I get older, it kinda just creeps up on me and it's hard to not get caught up with getting the ultimate gift for someone or even for yourself or just worrying about the year coming to a close, the economy, and all the other things that we "don't have."

I pray that in the midst of everything going on this year-- economy-wise or any other change that has currently bogged you down, that God's grace and love rains and pours all over you.

It is with great love and the warmest wishes, Merry Christmas, you!

Take the time to breathe and just enjoy!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's heeeeere!

Here are pictures of my lovely pearl engagement ring.

*ahem* excuse the not-done nails. Oh and the yellow-ish lighting. My lighting isn't the best.





Okay, okay...

Thanks for stopping by girls and becoming my first friends on here!

So, I figured out how to properly post pics... I know, not so much html saaaaavvvy, if you will. I'll get the hang of this soon, promise.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ohh me... Ohh me...

So I'm really digging some of Bari Jay brides maids dresses-- my wedding party is pretty petite and Bari Jay is pretty affordable and just looks so stinkin good on petite-ies! The dresses I have in mind from them are pretty re-wear-able and I've in mind some dresses that I think all my attendants would at least like one. I'm supposed to order them in January-- that should be enough time right, since our wedding is in September? They're all getting to choose which one they want to wear as I won't be planning on all of them wearing the same one.

I can't decide on the attendant gifts that I would like to give. I've thought of pearl earrings that they each can wear for the wedding, but I also like the pearl necklace/choker with an attached flower to it. I'm huge on pearls if you couldn't tell.

I used to be all about diamonds and I wanted a huge diamond as my engagement ring and then just get it upgraded for the wedding-- I know, I'm so materialistic sometimes :P. But Chris and I started looking at pearl rings and I love how classy pearls are. We've talked about wedding bands and I've never really liked the idea of having a traditional wedding band. We've decided that of course I would buy Chris' wedding band, but that I would get a new ring altogether for the wedding with it engraved-- I know, sounds expensive and high maintenance, right? It was Chris' idea really-- not mine so I'm not that shallow :P. Mine was to just upgrade the engagement ring, but Chris liked the idea of a new ring and passing on the enagement ring to our kids or something. To be quite honest, I'm not sure how I'll tuck my engagement ring away--- I love it!! Everyone loves how "Hnou" it is and always comments on how different it is and unique. Thanks, Baby. You did great.

My only complaint about my pearl ring is that it calls for lots of maintenance. Pretty much, I can't put lotion on while I am wearing it, I can't spray perfume or body spray while it's on, I can't get soap on it, because all these things will start to eat at the pearl and it'll lose it's shine. *sigh* Chris would. I'm not the most "careful" person, if you will. I bang my hand on the doorframe when I walk by-- I'm clumsy-- no, really, I am-- I've bruised up my entire forearm cause I swiped the doorknob with my arm swinging when I walked by the door. Who does that?? Me. Ohhh me. But beauty has a price... my pearl's beauty that is.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Please stand up.

To be quite honest, I'm a little bit nervous about starting a blog here. I've been on Live Journal for awhile ( check it if you'd like ), but there were so many ads and my account constantly was being hacked into so my entries weren't as updated as often as I had hoped when I hopped onto the blogging bandwagon.

I miss writing. It used to be the one thing that I really excelled at in school. I hated numbers and couldn't wrap my mind around scientific theories long enough to take interest in them. My teachers always praised me on my
writing abilities and skills, but I'm afraid that what "they" (who is "they"??) say is true-- if you don't use/fashion a skill or ability enough, you will lose it. I'm hoping that this will become a regular journal for me as I begin chronicling everything that's going on with our wedding planning and then even stuff that has nothing to do with our wedding. I don't know who will stumble upon this blog or if in the end, it's just for me. I do know that I want to learn from what seems to be a great many who are perhaps in a similar boat as me. And also, in stumbling upon a few blogs already, these are some pretty fabulous people that I can learn and aspire from. In the process of all that, I hope my writing skills are sharpened and I'm back to being a confident writer.

I used to want to be a magazine editor and a part of me longs for that, still. If anything, I suppose I half-heartedly gave up on that dream because I figured it was such a competitive market to get into. Don't get me wrong, if the opportunity presents itself, I won't say no... *sigh* I don't know. I've been in and out of school as far as college. I've transferred 3 times-- CCU to Crown to Century... changed my major 3 times--- youth ministry, communications/journalism, & now public relations. Indecisive much? Much. I did "manage" to get my Associate of Arts degree (does that really count anywhere?) and hopefully after Chris and I get married and I make the move out to SoCal, I'll be able to buckle down and finish my 4 year degree. For awhile there, I felt so unfulfilled and maybe even moreso, like I had failed because I changed my mind so often and in turn, never graduated college in the intended 4 years from 1 institute. Those days come and go still, and I know this might sound kinda stupid, but I think God really taught me patience and my significance and worth though this whole thing of waiting for what I really feel is "my area." Chris tells me to not worry about it whenever we talk about it-- apparently, it's better that I didn't get through the entire program just to figure out right before graduation that I hate what it is that I'm going into or graduating with. You think he only says that cause he "has" to? I kid, Baby.

Today marks 9 months until I officially become Mrs. CJG. We start our pre-marital counseling on January 9th with Pastor Sid. We have our ceremony and reception site reserved at Faith Alliance Church. Tell me, is it tacky to hold our reception out back behind the church we're getting married at? It'll be a late afternoon wedding and an evening reception with hanging lights and candles everywhere behind the church-- the back dips down and has this little area where we could set up tables and a projector with mics and stuff. Is that tacky? My sister had her wedding at the same church and her reception back behind the church as well and it was pretty nice-- and it was during the day. I'll have to get pics posted as some point and maybe I can get a few pointers. My wedding coordinator, by the way, is my older sister and her/my assistant in wedding planning is my younger sister. Did I mention that they're both my matron and maid of honor? Is that too much? I do have a 2nd coordinator which is Malee, but I've avoided putting too much on her yet, since it's still pretty manageable and also, she's due with baby #5 at the end of January! She'll be my day-of coordinator for sure and once she's kinda more settled with the babies, I'll be meeting with her regarding my ideas and stuff too.

This is the inside of Faith Alliance. Doesn't it look so warm & homey?? *love*

We've started our Save the Date cards and have also started cutting & folding our wedding invitations-- I'm a DIY bride, for sure. Chris works at a photography studio so he's printing our Save the Date card photos at the studio... we have to order the paper ourselves, but it saves us lots of $$. Also! Because Chris works at a photography studio ( eye-magic ), we're getting Jethro (the studio's photographer) and his fiance Theresa as our photographers and they've only asked for travel & accomodations as our fee. Of course, we'll throw in something extra for them, but it's a steal and Jethro is pretty good and I've also seen Theresa's shots which are pretty nice as well. I have to tell you, photography was my #1 item that I wanted to splurge on, but when we set our budget and saw that the one photographer I wanted was wayyyy out of our price range for now, I was bummed. But Jethro offered his services with hopes that he'd be helping us out and I saw his portfolio and he's pretty awesome, too. So. Stoked. Chris and I have decided that on our 1 year anniversary, we'd take a trip down to CO and book a session with the photographer I really wanted ( *LOVE* ) complete with our wedding attire which in turns, forces me to *not* gain the newly wed 15! I told Chris we'll have to maintain our weight from the wedding. haha.

Oh! **Important news** I do have my wedding dress and it's supposed to come in January or February. It wasn't the first dress I tried on. I had started out at the Priscilla of Boston boutique and had fallen in love with one of the gowns there and was on my way talking myself into spending a ridiculous amount on the dress while my mom and sisters-- though they loved the gown on me-- shook their heads and were like "No freakin way." hehe. I was pretty bummed and headed to another boutique and tried on another dress and liked it, but wasn't WOW!ed by it. A couple weekends after that, after much debate with my inner demons, (haha) I decided to pass up the Priscilla of Boston dress and head back to the previous boutique and try on the dress I had tried on previously there. This time, with my head a little clearer and the disappointment of the Melissa Sweet dress falling through further at bay, I actually fell in love with the dress. I requested a few changes with help from my sisters in envisioning the final dress, but it was lovely! The designer, I also found out, would make those minor changes for me without the extra charge. I, then, later found out that the store I bought the dress from is the *only* store that carries that designer and the store hasn't sold that particular style before. Score! I am one of a kind. haaaaa. Chris is a lurker, I think, (omg, he was so like "Please tell me you're kidding." when I told him my new blog name. hahaha) so I won't be able to post dress photos or give any details. But there will be lots and lots of photos to come in 9 months! teehee!

We've a couple things lined up for when Chris is here. We're opting to have the guys wear suits rather than tuxes. I'm thinking that the guys will really only have to worry about buying the jacket. Chris and I will head over to Men's Wearhouse when he's here to scope out the place. Oh, did I mention, Chris lives in SoCal and we've been long-distance since "us" began? And yes, I am moving away from MN to SoCal when we get married which is scary and nerve-wracking and crazy all at the same time (my entire family lives here and I am obsessed with my nieces and my nephew!). I miss him and I can't wait to see him! 3 more weeks!!

So anyway, I'm here at work just typing this whole introductory entry up. LONG, I know. The ones to come won't be so long, I promise. I just needed to intro-post myself.

Toodles kiddies!

Thursday, December 18, 2008