Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Express sales guy aka Willy-Wonka's Chocolate distributor?

Yes. A little bit of amazing-ness settled onto my desk at approximately 1:30 this afternoon. No, not the guy-- believe me, NOT the guy. This little(big?) piece of I'm-gonna-make-your-Tuesday-better-ness:

It wasn't very rich, but perfectly milky. If you have to ask, yes, I unwrapped it right after the guy left my office.

The golden ticket?

I know, I couldn't even wait to break off a chunk before taking a picture of it with the seal opened (with my crappy phone camera, by the way). Ohh me. It even has the imprint of the card on it.

I don't need your services, American Express, but thanks for the chocolate!... that I just now ran an extra couple miles to make sure I burned your pleasure off... but it's gorgeous again outside today so I do forgive you!

Anywho, wanna see the flower girl dresses?
I know you do.
All 3 are different in style & slightly in color, but I think it matches the 3 girls perfectly.

Kayla will be wearing this little number from J.Crew

(by the way, am I the last to know that you get a 15% discount if you're a college student or a teacher?! I'm not either one of those and I told him that, but the guy *so* hooked me up anyway. And NO, I didn't flirt with him)

Anela gets this little number from Bloomingdale's. How cute is this?? I loved it on her when she tried it on and *had* to get it.

And my lovely little Meya get this one. This is dressier, but Meya was A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E in it so I couldn't *not* get it. I picked it up from one of the wedding boutiques down in Stillwater that were discontinuing their flower girl dresses altogether so it was quite a steal!

I think I'm having them all wear slippers to complete their little looks.

Excuse the crappy picture quality. I'm using my phone because I don't currently have access to hooking up my digi-cam.

On another wedding-related note:
I don't know if I'm seriously stressing or what, but I had the 2nd-straight-in-a-row dream (read: nightmare) of everything completely going wrong either during the ceremony rehearsal or the wedding day itself.

I dreamed that the rehearsal was SO poorly organized because strangers were sitting in the pews already and no one was running the sound system AND the wedding party was scattered around the church not even caring about being present during the rehearsal itself and then I burst into tears while people watched. I even made my way up to the sound system area to try to dink around with the sound...

And then last night, I dreamed that for some odd reason, the wedding day came without me knowing and NOTHING was set; the guys didn't have their suits-- well only their vests and my brother's was too small, and my makeup artist wasn't there at my house because I couldn't remember if I had told her about the wedding date. Eep!

Oh I need to calm down...Where's the rest of my American Express chocolate bar?


  1. I LOVE those flower girl dresses! I love that they are all different. It brings a different kind of classy dynamic to the wedding. Love it! And don't worry--the dreams are totally normal. And you won't be running your own sound at the rehearsal!! :)

    I don't think you're a stalker :). I'm glad you like the blog!

  2. Love the dresses and would love some of that chocolate...share?!?