Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cookies and milk, yes?

Pinky swears work. See!!

So we made cookies.

And I'll prove it.

"We wanna help you Auntie!!"




& help me, they did.

They liked unwrapping the hersheys kisses. & popping some into their little mouths.

15 minutes later:




All because of these babies:



And this is what makes it all worth it:

(excuse my icky-self in this picture)





Hiiii. Miss me much?

Sorry for the MIA-ness to anyone who's been wondering where I've been. I've been busy getting screwed over by the insurance company (AllState), Enterprise, and maybe even the auto body shop. Anywho. It's just been crazy. At the end of the day, everyone is pointing fingers at each other blaming everyone and their mom except for themselves. I'll be honest, I don't really care who it comes down to, the fact of the matter is that not 1 party handled the situation the way that they should have and I wasn't taken care of. My car's been MIA for about a month & 1/2 now and it took 2 weeks alone to get a quote from the insurance company sooooo. Yeah. *sigh* Anyway. Apparently my car should be good by Monday. *crosses fingers*

How's it all hanging in your neck of the woods?

Oh! So my dad was down in San Diego this last week and Chris actually drove the 1 1/2 hours to pick up my dad from the airport and took my dad out to dinner. Awww, they're bonding! We're almost to the 7 month mark for our countdown to September 19! Crazy! Wedding inspiration boards/ideas/in process will be posted soon. I do have to say, I tried on my dress again the other night in my room and it is SO perfect. And looser than when I bought it! *eep! Yay! I'll look into alterations in a couple months.

In the midst of our wedding planning, my siblings and I (including Chris) are throwing my parents a surprise shin-dig in late June. It's a big year for our family as I'm getting married, my baby sister is out of the house, my brothers (older & baby) are leaving to go south for school this fall, and it seems that my mom is going to get the empty nest she never wanted all at once. Its kind of bittersweet. I'm excited for these new chapters in our lives, but it's scary to be "without" each other. Our family's pretty close and we've never been more than a couple miles from each other. Being in Colorado killed me so I ended up back in MN. And I've NEVER spent a holiday without my family. Anyway, we're planning a bash for my parents just to say "THANKS!" and "We love you!" and make people cry. And ourselves. haha. So we're off to the prospective venue at Northwestern College this afternoon. Updates to come!

Anyway, I hope you're all having a great week/end of January/Saturday. I miss blogging. I need to figure out how to post pictures on blogger instead of having to use photobucket so if you know, help a girl out! And I might be baking peanut butter blossom cookies this afternoon! Yay! Yes, they're probably not good for the wedding diet, but SO good for the tummy!

I'll be back, pinky-swear!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Okay, Okay... so I lied...

A little. About posting "tomorrow." But technically, today is yesterday's tomorrow and I didn't say which one's tomorrow I'd post them sooooo there. Okies? Okies.

Ohh I can't believe Chris has been gone for only a week. It feels like a good couple weeks already. And we're back to the abnormal swing of things. We didn't get a ton of pictures because we were quite on the go the whole weekend, but we got this one:

He's so handsome. And I look pretty "yay me" too :)

Our weekend went so well. We met with Pastor Sid and we love him! He's so sweet and personable and funny! I'm so thankful that he is our officiant and we get to do pre-marital counseling with him! He helped us map out our entire ceremony already which was fantabulous! I was going to wait until a month before the wedding-- oops. haha. Pastor Sid goes "Ohhh no, I don't want you to stress about that then!" So its roughly mapped out and I love it!

Chris played with the nieces as much as he could and misses them so much. I can't wait to see him as a Daddy. He's going to be so good :) We actually taught them how to play Red Rover (remember that game??) and now they want to play it all the time.

Other than that, we had dinner with my family at Olive Garden the last night he was here and Chris and I had our fabulous Caribou Coffee run every morning... their hot chocolate is SO good! Sorry Starbucks lovers, Caribou is just better. AND their banana bread-- OMG! YUM! Best ever! AND! It's low-fat! Steal!

May not be so crazy to everyone else, but Chris has never stayed the night at my house. Culturally, that's just frowned upon, so Chris always stays at the hotel which is like 2 houses from our house. Well, my dad wasn't really around this time because he had a conference to teach at and just saw Chris the last day he was here long enough to have a conversation and goes "Next time, stay here so you guys can save some money and not worry about getting a hotel room." You see, my dad is NOT one to be nice to guys who come around. But he loves Chris. And this just meant so much more. It was funny cause Chris was completely speechless. My dad is so awesome.

It's hard seeing him walk into the terminal without me. I hate it. But soon. Soon.

Anyway, with all that said, I didn't work out last week at all. And believe me, I paid for that slack tonight! I lasted 15 minutes on the track before I felt like my lungs were going to explode and my back was going to break from cramping so bad. UGH! But I did the 1 mile mark in about 8 minutes. I'm back to working up my cardio again and doing sit ups and the sculpting of my thighs/legs & arms/back. It sucks cause once I get the hang of it again, 30 minutes or so doesn't seem so bad on my body, but I haven't worked it enough to get to the point where a 1 week haitus wouldn't be so bad. Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyway #2, or is it #3? Meh, we got our Save the Dates ready for sending! The first batch is already out and were hand-delivered at church! It was so exciting to see everyone so excited for them! I'll scan them in soon :) The rest are going out next week when all our addresses are in. *gushes* This is really happening!

AAAAAND I got this from the lovely Miss Ivy!!

Thanks lovey! I want to pass it on to you girls for continuing to read these blurbs of mine :)

Now that wedding planning is in full swing, wedding planning updates will be in order and I'll be good about them, I promise. I think?

Oh! And I saw Bride Wars... Um. Not really worth the hype in my opinion... *sigh* But oh how I love Kate Hudson and how amazing she always looks!

And... it was my birthday on the 15th.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm late, I'm late!

Not like that.

Hii. Have you missed me bloggy land?

I've been back and just lurking for a bit. I'll update about the weekend when I actually have our few pictures which should be tomorrow :) I miss him so much though. And I get quite "meh" for a few days after he leaves. *sigh* Ahh well, back to planning our wedding. By the way, he got here safe & earlier than expected so thank you for the thoughts & prayers!

Now, onto the awards ceremony. Miss Could've Been Blonde! -- you are sucha sweetie! She gave me 2 awards!


The rules of the award are:

- You must be a true lover of the New Year to receive this award. The person to whom you give the award must also be in love with the New Year.
- List 5 things that you love about the New Year. If you can't limit it to 5 things, then keep going till you run out of space.
- Pass the award along to as many people as you like. That can be 1 or 50. It's up to you! But keep the New Year cheer going.
- Let your recipients know that you have tagged them by leaving a comment on their site. Also, link back to the person who gave you the award.

Oooookay and we're off!....

5 things I love about 2009 so far

1. It kicks off my official count down to the Big Day!!

2. I'm starting to really put time & efforts towards working out on a regular basis so I totally feel better :)

3. I started this blog that really is helping me to filter out my thoughts and I've gotten to meet some fabulous individuals! :)

4. Even though I got into a car wreck in December-- I'll be getting my car back and the scratched bumper I had before the accident will be replaced! heehee. The brighter side of things :)

5. & lastly-- it's a new beginning and we all know how important those are :)

I'll tag anyone who hasn't gotten this one yet since we're already half way through January '09 :)

& then she gave me:


The rules of the award:

1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

2. Show the 7 winners' names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.

3. List at least ten honest things about yourself.

Honestly: (in completely random order)

1. I absolutely love my fiance and my family.

2. I hate driving & would totally opt for a personal chauffer if I could.

3. I wish I had enough money to update my wardrobe every few weeks.

4. I am at the point where I wish the wedding would plan itself in certain areas :\

5. Girls normally find me a bit stand-offish-- can you believe that??

6. I'm trying to get in the habit of posting more pictures on this blog.

7. I wish Chris was still here.

8. I barely know how to swim to save my life.

9. I can't ice skate and MN is KNOWN for snow & ice! :\

10. Chris and I revived the game "Red Rover" for my nieces this past weekend!

So there you have it-- 10 completely random, but honest things about me.

Now to the winners!

I'm poking her back-- 1. Miss Could've Been Blonde!

2. Kirby-- she's so spunky!

3. Cari-- she's so open & bubbly!

4. Ivy-- her posts are honest and so her!

5. Mrs. Mojito-- I so enjoy her blog!

6. Whitney-- she's so sweet!

7. Mrs. Newport Nuptials-- she's wedding planning & it's so fun to see her ideas!

It's been a long week... and it's only Wednesday. *sigh* I miss him.

More specific update to come :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

6 more hours!!

Chris boards his plane in 2 hours and I'll see him in 6. I don't sleep the night before he gets here... evAr. It's so hard to! Eep!

We're expecting snow tonight/tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers and say a prayer for an on-time flight :)

I'll be back after the weekend with pictures :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Delayed NYE, anyone?

Soooo yes, NYE was quite low key, but I liked it. A much needed break from chaos although I have to admit, it kinda just snuck up on me like Christmas did. And if you know me, you know I don't do new year's resolutions-- you either change something about yourself or you don't-- no knock on anyone of you guys who do :) But NYE was nice. I spent it with my sister (my older sister couldn't make it since she was told at the last minute by her dear hubby that they were having guests over-- grr, guys...) and my brothers picked up pizza for the night as well-- aww. My sister and I spent the entire night watching Friends re-runs and I remember now why I loved it so. Chris and I talked at each other's midnights. Can I just say that it sucks not getting to kiss him at midnight-- for the last 5 years?! Yes, that's right. Never had a New Year's kiss at midnight. Chris and I haven't even spent a holiday together yet. Weird? Ahh well, my last year as a bachelorette, yeah!

Anyway, the night was spent with crabcakes, sushi, pizza, and laughter. How much better can it get?

Ohhh me. Hi.

I went to work like that. I look short... it's the cut off tights... and ankle boots...

the shoes of choice.

best chips. evAr.

My sister made sushi. Mmm.. I had about 3 rolls and then I couldn't eat anymore.

Look what I mixed up.

want some? Maybe not yet...

Mmmm the smell of peanut oil... which is so FREAKIN expensive, by the way!

The outcome-- crabcakes!!

Needless to say, I didn't eat any since I couldn't stand the smell of them cooking after about ohhhhh 1 of them frying. What did I have instead?


Yes. Orange juice.

Clean up.

The back of my baby brother's head... he's not so little anymore...

The back of my older brother's head. Yeah, they're not so good about taking pictures.

My BFF of a sister and I.

I didn't touch any crab cakes or pizza until the next day. Ugh. There's still some crab left that I need to use and my sister wants me to make more crab cakes, but the smell, oh the smell of that grease. Bleh!

I'm gearing up for my Friday which is tomorrow!! Yay!

And the best news yet-- today was my Baby's 27th birthday. He hates festivities, but I love him and make a big deal about things like this. He loves BBQ, so I called Johnny Rebs' in the OC and had them deliver lunch to him and his co-workers. Those guys at the studio love me cause I feed them even if I'm not there through birthday/anniversary lunches or care packages to Chris. I'm so great. hah. Luis-- Chris' roommate & co-worker, taped his reaction. He looked SO unhappy when the guys got the food and sang to him cause he HATES festivities. Until he saw my note with the food-- "Here's to your LAST birthday as a bachelor." Its funny cause in the video, you can hear him laugh and then groan and go "Gahh! She ALWAYS says that! Your LAST ____ as a bachelor!" haha. I love him. You guys are gonna get so sick of hearing about him. Heehee. But he's pretty awesome. Happy Birthday, Baby. I'm so glad to be a part of your amazing life and am excited about the many more birthdays to come! I'll see you in 2 days!! I love you.


And I'm still trying to ease the suggestion of him guest blogging. He reads this so say something nice to him and maybe that'll help. :P

P.S. Work-out update: I managed 8 minutes yesterday for the mile run. I sucked today as I cut my run down to 20 minutes. I'll be back to 30 tomorrow. Ohhh me. How's it goin for you??

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So you might notice...

My name is now Sassy Pants (is there a way to COMPLETELY change the journal name to Sassy Pants-- anyone? Help a girl out!). After much debate with the Mister and throwing around the possibility of him being a guest blogger, he didn't want to be known as Mister Sassy Stilettos--ridiculous, I know, right?? And from further discussion, he didn't like Sassy Pants either, so I'll pull this along for all it's worth :P


I got another award from the LOVELY Miss Could've Been Blonde! She is SO sweet!

I pick YOU! Yes you! I've really enjoyed reading all these blogs and seeing a glimpse into your lives. It really is beautiful. And thank you for visiting little ol' me's blog for whatever it may be worth.


Happy New Year everyone. I'll update about NYE when those pictures get posted :) My Baby is here this Friday! Oh I miss him. Maybe it's the distance talking, but can I just say that I wish it were September already??