Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey Ditto, Ditto! The cat and the fiddo...

I'm heading over to see my nieces and nephew tonight. It's funny how much I miss them over the course of just 1 week... if I even make it that long. heehee. But I see them every weekend or just about, anyway, and halfway through the week, I'm already going through withdrawals.

What is it about sweet innocent kisses that have no idea how much they mean once Sunday night ends and Monday mornings begin?

Or how about the adorable laughs that (falsely?) reassure you that somehow you're the funniest human being alive?

Or the genuine squeals of excitement after opening a Target bag (no fancy wrapping paper needed or even a box!) and finding a pair of dressy slippers that cost you no more than $5?

And then the grin from ear to ear and the hop up into your arms to say "Thank you Auntie!"?

Or the mere satisfaction fulfilled by just walking through Nickelodeon land even though not a single ride was ridden or a single game is played for arcade tickets?

Or the grossed out look when told that "I'm getting married to Chris" but is quickly replaced with complete ecstatic-ness when the words "We're having a wedding" is uttered?

Or the big, precious tears that roll down those cheeks when scolded for spilling water on the carpet after being told numerous of times that it needed to stay in the kitchen?

Or the moment that it seems epiphany has hit when asked "Do you know why I yelled at you?" is answered with the not so-epiphany-has-hit reply of "Because... because... you're mean..." *sniffle*?

Or the whisper brushed against my cheek of "I miss you, too, Auntie."?

Or the scramble to pick up the most toys for the ultimateprize of a Starburst candy and the belief that you wouldn't get one if you didn't get the most picked up?

Or the big eyes that plead with the following request of "Can we play Red Rover?"

Or the already expensive taste for California roll-styled sushi or Lobster at the age of 4?

Or the priceless and confident enthusiam that shouted that monkey was spelled as S-M-I-L-E?

Or the obliviousness to the laughter because it's so cute when "But why?" is repeatedly requested to be uttered?

Or the realization that if someone is able to lick you on the cheek, you can certainly stick out your tongue and lick someone else too?

Or the completely pure and innocent knowledge and belief that Jesus loves you and lives in your heart forever?

What is it about those things? And what exactly happens to the soul when those things are encountered on more than one occasion?

In no more than 5 (almost 6) years, those 4 have completely stolen my heart from the very beginning of their existence. And it is in those moments that I feel God's love for me more than anything else known to man.


  1. They are all too cute...your a good aunite to them :)

  2. Those kids are GORGEOUS!! Awwww, and my niece is named Mayah. Love the names.