Thursday, January 1, 2009

So you might notice...

My name is now Sassy Pants (is there a way to COMPLETELY change the journal name to Sassy Pants-- anyone? Help a girl out!). After much debate with the Mister and throwing around the possibility of him being a guest blogger, he didn't want to be known as Mister Sassy Stilettos--ridiculous, I know, right?? And from further discussion, he didn't like Sassy Pants either, so I'll pull this along for all it's worth :P


I got another award from the LOVELY Miss Could've Been Blonde! She is SO sweet!

I pick YOU! Yes you! I've really enjoyed reading all these blogs and seeing a glimpse into your lives. It really is beautiful. And thank you for visiting little ol' me's blog for whatever it may be worth.


Happy New Year everyone. I'll update about NYE when those pictures get posted :) My Baby is here this Friday! Oh I miss him. Maybe it's the distance talking, but can I just say that I wish it were September already??


  1. Hahaha! Yeah Mr. Sassy Stilettos is quite... funny! :) Now that you're Sassy Pants, I don't see any problem with him being Sassy's Mr. Pants when he graces the blogging world with his appearance in your wonderful blog. ;)

    I'm so excited for you cause I could imagine how much you've missed him! Enjoy every second girl. Happy New Year and I'm looking forward to see and read your NYE post ;D

  2. ooooh cant wait for mr. pants to do a guest post.. : )