Monday, January 19, 2009

Okay, Okay... so I lied...

A little. About posting "tomorrow." But technically, today is yesterday's tomorrow and I didn't say which one's tomorrow I'd post them sooooo there. Okies? Okies.

Ohh I can't believe Chris has been gone for only a week. It feels like a good couple weeks already. And we're back to the abnormal swing of things. We didn't get a ton of pictures because we were quite on the go the whole weekend, but we got this one:

He's so handsome. And I look pretty "yay me" too :)

Our weekend went so well. We met with Pastor Sid and we love him! He's so sweet and personable and funny! I'm so thankful that he is our officiant and we get to do pre-marital counseling with him! He helped us map out our entire ceremony already which was fantabulous! I was going to wait until a month before the wedding-- oops. haha. Pastor Sid goes "Ohhh no, I don't want you to stress about that then!" So its roughly mapped out and I love it!

Chris played with the nieces as much as he could and misses them so much. I can't wait to see him as a Daddy. He's going to be so good :) We actually taught them how to play Red Rover (remember that game??) and now they want to play it all the time.

Other than that, we had dinner with my family at Olive Garden the last night he was here and Chris and I had our fabulous Caribou Coffee run every morning... their hot chocolate is SO good! Sorry Starbucks lovers, Caribou is just better. AND their banana bread-- OMG! YUM! Best ever! AND! It's low-fat! Steal!

May not be so crazy to everyone else, but Chris has never stayed the night at my house. Culturally, that's just frowned upon, so Chris always stays at the hotel which is like 2 houses from our house. Well, my dad wasn't really around this time because he had a conference to teach at and just saw Chris the last day he was here long enough to have a conversation and goes "Next time, stay here so you guys can save some money and not worry about getting a hotel room." You see, my dad is NOT one to be nice to guys who come around. But he loves Chris. And this just meant so much more. It was funny cause Chris was completely speechless. My dad is so awesome.

It's hard seeing him walk into the terminal without me. I hate it. But soon. Soon.

Anyway, with all that said, I didn't work out last week at all. And believe me, I paid for that slack tonight! I lasted 15 minutes on the track before I felt like my lungs were going to explode and my back was going to break from cramping so bad. UGH! But I did the 1 mile mark in about 8 minutes. I'm back to working up my cardio again and doing sit ups and the sculpting of my thighs/legs & arms/back. It sucks cause once I get the hang of it again, 30 minutes or so doesn't seem so bad on my body, but I haven't worked it enough to get to the point where a 1 week haitus wouldn't be so bad. Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyway #2, or is it #3? Meh, we got our Save the Dates ready for sending! The first batch is already out and were hand-delivered at church! It was so exciting to see everyone so excited for them! I'll scan them in soon :) The rest are going out next week when all our addresses are in. *gushes* This is really happening!

AAAAAND I got this from the lovely Miss Ivy!!

Thanks lovey! I want to pass it on to you girls for continuing to read these blurbs of mine :)

Now that wedding planning is in full swing, wedding planning updates will be in order and I'll be good about them, I promise. I think?

Oh! And I saw Bride Wars... Um. Not really worth the hype in my opinion... *sigh* But oh how I love Kate Hudson and how amazing she always looks!

And... it was my birthday on the 15th.



  1. Haha Yay you indeed! You look gorgeous!! :)

  2. Happy late birthday!
    You look super cute in that pic!!!!
    Such a fun weekend!

  3. A fairytale couple.... *swoon* Belated happy birthday girl! I'm sorry I wasn't around to be able to greet you on the day itself. :(

    Where is Chris' guestpost???

  4. Just checking in on you because you haven't posted in a while! Hope everything is ok!
    I left you something on my blog!