Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When all else fades, my soul with dance with You, where the love lasts forever...

So before I go into my lovely post, let me just say one thing:

This above substance is So. Gross. Ew. It may be less in calories than my beloved Yoplait brand (by 20 calories), but it does NOT taste good at all.

That is all. Regarding that anyway.

So I can't believe I haven't posted about the girls in my life who are also the attendants on my side in my wedding. I thought today would be appropriate. Just because.

Meet my sisters. My BFFsNoMatterWhat-s. My older sister PaHoua (the one on the left) is my matron of honor and also holds the wedding planner duties as well and my baby sister Hli (the one on the right) is my maid of honor. They've been there from the very beginning and even helped in coordinating the proposal with Chris to make it perfect. I love them. *sigh* Aren't we lovely?

Rache. She's from my Crown College days. We shared a crazy freshmen year & summer together. She just gets me in a different way.

Sad, I realized I don't have a picture with Lauren. She's so cute though, isn't she? She's so sweet and I was super nervous about meeting Chris' family for the first time a year & 1/2 ago, but she was SO sweet and easy to get along with & I am so excited to be part of the fam!

And I can't find my pictures with Sammy either. She's my little cousin. She's so stinkin' adorable, though isn't she? I can't wait to see her! We're so much alike, it's kinda funny.

My special attendants:

Pang. We've been friends/sisters for like 10 or 11 years now! We met at church in youth group and then we lead praise & worship together & sang in the choir together. She married my cousin last June. *sigh* She's amazing and I love her-- she's my go-to girl! This is from her fab surprise bridal shower we threw her last year.

Phoua. She's Pang's sister. We're so much alike! I love her to bits! She got married before me or Pang (Pang's older & I'm actually older than Pang) so she's the "experienced" one. haha. It took a little longer for us to hang out at first, but wow, we've come a long way and I wouldn't trade her for anything. Plus, I'm the only one she trusts borrowing her shoes cause I care about them more than even Pang does! haha.

Flower girls:
This is where it gets unbelieveably hard to narrow down what pictures to share. OMG, I love these little chipmunks.

Kayla's getting so big and tall and skinny! Such a beautiful little girl with SO much hair. It's so thick & long!

I miss Kayla as a baby, but she's grown so much and is starting to read & spells EVERY word she spots.

Now, I don't have any favorites, but Anela and I just click. She's my baby *believe me, Kayla's Hli's baby-- right from the start* I used to go see her on my way to Crown every Sunday night (going back to campus after the weekend) and just hold her. She's also the most talkative, sassy, funny, & photogenic little girl evAr.

(this one's at a carnival and she was *so* upset that we let someone draw on her face-- she picked the kitty look though-- but somehow it was our fault. haha)

(And yes, you can normally find her still eating candy. Bad, I know.)

I know, I see London, I see France... she's gonna be so mad at me someday.

Oh and she LOVES Chris.

And Meya. She is everyone's baby. Seriously. She is the most animated. And SO freakin cute. If you ask her what her name is, she always goes "meYA!" emphasizing on "YA!" and it's high pitched. So freakin cute. And she sings. Or mumbles. To the tune. Precisely. And she does have more hair now. Not by much, but she does now have hair. haha. & She does the cutest "But whyyyy?."

She loves her "Papa" (my dad). Sweetest picture ever.

In all their sweet glory.

& my amazing beau of a groom-to-be just for good measure.

We're so candid.
So now, was this post used to:

a) begin showcasing glimpses of wedding related stuff

b) pat myself on the back because I have figured out how to use Blogger foruploading images (I know! Took me long enough!!)

c) simply just to show off the pictures of my beloveds


d) all of the above? You decide. ;)

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  1. D)...You have such cute family and friends, I can't wait till your "day" and to see all those pics..your a lucky girl sassy pants! :)