Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring, maybe?

It's so nice outside. Well, for February in MN, that is. The snow seems to be leaving... flurries tonight, but no accumulation... *crosses fingers*! We've been in the low 40's the last couple days so maybe it'll be an early spring? Yayayayayayay!

So with Valentine's Day just around the corner, whatcha doin?

Chris and I have never been big with the Valentine's Day stuff, but he always makes a point to do something nice for me. We've agreed to be a little cheap this year since we're budgeting for our wedding and there's so much travelling involved. Well, Chris actually doesn't want ANYthing. I normally send him a package of his favorite snacks and I've also recorded myself singing so he could upload it to his iphone. We've been fairly simple for the most part. & we've also opted to have the 13th instead of the 14th. haha... we're kinda ridiculous sometimes :P

What do you girls normally get/do the men in your lives?


I miss running outside. The track bores me to tears, honestly.

Our company got audited today. Dundundun. Crazy story.

Another yucky yogurt-- Thick & Creamy Yoplait. From now on, I'm sticking with what I know.

I haven't watched much t.v. lately. Unless it's Thursday night and The Office is on.

I wish my body allowed me to have Guy Fietti *dude, how do you spell that last name??*'s job on Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives.

I miss Chris loads.

I got my car back the other day. I have to bring it back though. Alignment is off and the headlight doesn't necessarily fit, and the hood latch is loose. Ugh, what a headache.

My nieces are the best huggers.

I've started thinking about my vows already. Is it too soon?

We've yet to make real progress on my parents' bash. *Need to do*

I need to do laundry. But that'll wait until Sunday. But I like laundry.

My bed is so warm. I currently have 3 blankets on my bed. Heeeee.

Real statement that I made: "My bed is so warm. Maybe like a uterus. Well, a uterus is probably more like a hot tub..." haha... Chris said that was weird. So did Hli. And then she said it was gross...

I'm almost free of car payments. *almost*

My taxes are done.

I'm waiting for money.

I wanna stumble upon some money... any givers? :P

Friday night's young adults group was really enjoyable.

I need to get Crystal's recipe for spicy ribs. Yum.

Hummus is my new lunch fad.

I go through different lunch fads every month or so.

I miss passing out Valentine's Day cards. Even to Stinky Steve or Poopy Pam.

Wanna share some heart candies with me?

Share with me your randoms!

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  1. I didn't know you were moving to LA! Exciting! I'll give you LA tips and tricks anytime. :-)