Monday, December 22, 2008

Ohh me... Ohh me...

So I'm really digging some of Bari Jay brides maids dresses-- my wedding party is pretty petite and Bari Jay is pretty affordable and just looks so stinkin good on petite-ies! The dresses I have in mind from them are pretty re-wear-able and I've in mind some dresses that I think all my attendants would at least like one. I'm supposed to order them in January-- that should be enough time right, since our wedding is in September? They're all getting to choose which one they want to wear as I won't be planning on all of them wearing the same one.

I can't decide on the attendant gifts that I would like to give. I've thought of pearl earrings that they each can wear for the wedding, but I also like the pearl necklace/choker with an attached flower to it. I'm huge on pearls if you couldn't tell.

I used to be all about diamonds and I wanted a huge diamond as my engagement ring and then just get it upgraded for the wedding-- I know, I'm so materialistic sometimes :P. But Chris and I started looking at pearl rings and I love how classy pearls are. We've talked about wedding bands and I've never really liked the idea of having a traditional wedding band. We've decided that of course I would buy Chris' wedding band, but that I would get a new ring altogether for the wedding with it engraved-- I know, sounds expensive and high maintenance, right? It was Chris' idea really-- not mine so I'm not that shallow :P. Mine was to just upgrade the engagement ring, but Chris liked the idea of a new ring and passing on the enagement ring to our kids or something. To be quite honest, I'm not sure how I'll tuck my engagement ring away--- I love it!! Everyone loves how "Hnou" it is and always comments on how different it is and unique. Thanks, Baby. You did great.

My only complaint about my pearl ring is that it calls for lots of maintenance. Pretty much, I can't put lotion on while I am wearing it, I can't spray perfume or body spray while it's on, I can't get soap on it, because all these things will start to eat at the pearl and it'll lose it's shine. *sigh* Chris would. I'm not the most "careful" person, if you will. I bang my hand on the doorframe when I walk by-- I'm clumsy-- no, really, I am-- I've bruised up my entire forearm cause I swiped the doorknob with my arm swinging when I walked by the door. Who does that?? Me. Ohhh me. But beauty has a price... my pearl's beauty that is.



  1. Hey! Found your blog through Mrs. Stiletto's! Love it! Congrats on the engagement! I love pearls! I'm sure your ring is divine!

  2. Your ring sounds gorgeous! You should post a picture if you get a chance! I would love to see it.

  3. Hi! I found your blog also through one of the sweetest bloggers ever; Newlywed Stiletto's. Congratulations on your wedding! I too am planning a September 2009 wedding. Your ring sounds just beautiful!