Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ohh the end is near!

Yes, the end of 2008 is very near! EEEEP!

I have to work a full day tomorrow *&* Friday! UGH. Oh cruel, cruel world of adulthood in the working world. Blah.

No huge New Year's plans this year. It's been uneventful for the last 2 years actually for NYE. I think it'll just be my sisters and I, lots of sushi (shrimp & crab), jalepeno cheddar chips, and a Friends marathon! hah. Lame? Maybe, but awesome? Totally! Was that totally contradicting or what?? It's my last "gauranteed" NYE in MN with my family so I'm gonna try not to cry getting all sentimental and stuff. I'm such a baby.

Working out tonight was great, by the way! I went a full mile without stopping and made a time of 7 minutes & 30 seconds! This is HUGE! I've never done that! Lame huh? But I love it!! Hah. I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow as my legs and my back already feels pretty tight. It's the good pain though, yes?

Random fact: I found that the new flavor of light yoplait yogurt of blackberry & pomagranite is AMAZINGGGGGGG!


  1. Ohhhh is it the Yoplait digestive yogurt? I loooove the flavors that stuff comes in. Thanks for the award -- I let you know when I post it!

  2. I love sushi and I love yoplait as well :) I totally envy you girl - glad to know that you are able to workout already - I'm totally procrastinating til all the New Year's pigfests are over before I plunge into the dark world of diet and exercise! 7 minutes and 30 secs - WAY TO GO GIRL! Kirby and I who are also gearing for a smokin' figure in 2009 are sooo proud of you! Keep it up!

  3. I left you something beautiful over at my blog :)

  4. Sushi, family and FRIENDS{the show} - that sounds great to me!!!!