Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So I did the 30-DAY SHRED twice yesterday. Is that even legal? I hurt everywhere. Chris did it with me last night & shamefully will not tell anyone that he's on the shred with me... and nearly died last night doing it too. Hah. He's hurting just as bad today. It better be worth it!


  1. That's fun that you're doing it together. I am going to try to get Jarrod to do it with me tomorrow. :)

  2. Twice....you are CRAZZYYY girl! :)

  3. hey, are you still doing the Shred?? I had heard about it... and after reading about it on your blog, i ordered it too! :P I haven't been totally faithful with it (college is not great at allowing slots of time) but I have seen much progress with my endurance levels --Level 1 is still a challenge tho!
    i'd love to hear if you've beena able to be consistent and what kind of results u're seeing... it might help motivate and encourage me to be persistent! :)