Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I want this dress.

*it's on www.asos.com

Busy, busy! 88 days until the wedding! Chris & his parents are coming out this weekend! Can't wait to see my Baby!

My parents' bash is also this weekend. Fingers crossed for GREAT weather. We made the cutest napkin "rings" with raffe & a stamp on yellow construction paper. I'm thinking we'll duplicate the idea for the wedding reception as well.

I had a family reunion to go to this past weekend in Missouri. It was good to see everyone in one spot for a weekend. There were cows. And chickens. And ponies. We ate. A lot. We laughed. We cried. We shot off fireworks. We chased after fireflies. And watched the stars come out at night under the countryside sky. I got some color on my face. And didn't wear make up all weekend long! hah.

Sometimes it's nice to take a breather just to do those things.


  1. Excellent! :-) sounds great.

  2. It's getting close! Have fun this weekend!
    Oh, and cute dress!